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PERMACULTURE: Can It Meet With Conventional Ag?

By Finlay Burrage For some, the word permaculture might bring to mind an image of a group of hippies living off the grid with dreadlocks and an obscene amount of home-brewed kombucha. For others, permaculture might be a synonym for a homestead utopia in the woods where they raise a …


BC PEPPER INDUSTRY: Heating Up Under Glass

Cate Pedersen I don’t often get the opportunity to travel to locations with our photographer, Karin, but was glad to venture out one frosty February afternoon to the Abbotsford greenhouse owned by Armand Vander Meulen and his family. The warm humid air, diffused light and rows of glassed-in vegetation create …

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By Ronda Payne When Canada’s legalization of cannabis was set for October 17, 2018, some farmers considered switching to the new green to make a fortune, but is it that easy? Is cannabis the proverbial cash crop? According to experts, demand is currently very high, but there is a shortage …

Laurica Farm is well-suited for workshops like cheese-making.

LEARNING GROUNDS: The Farm as a Classroom

By Cate Pedersen Both Hans and Karin Baer grew up in agriculture and it’s in their blood, but farming for a living is still a learning process. After purchasing 1.5 acres in Chilliwack in 2005, their plan was to renovate the old house and make ninety percent of their landscape …

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BC’s BEVERAGE INDUSTRY: Needs a Little More Juice

By Paul Pryce Beverages are among British Columbia’s largest and fastest growing manufactured food products, according to Statistics Canada. Much of this strength can be attributed to the more than 600,000 litres of wine produced each year by the province’s 929 vineyards. But there are other recognized brands that produce …

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RECIPE for Chevre

Chevre is the common name for fresh spreadable goat cheese. It is just as versatile as any other spreadable cheese and can be blended with herbs, spices or fruit for variety. INGREDIENTS 4 quarts goat milk ¼ tsp mesophilic culture 1 drop liquid rennet Sterilize all equipment. In a large …

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Richmond conflicted over farm housing

By Ronda Payne There isn’t much the two groups squaring off about housing on farmland in Richmond can agree to, but one common point is that the issue has caused division between the community’s residents. Laura Gillanders, a co-co-ordinator with Richmond Farmwatch believes the municipality should enforce house size restrictions …

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MEET A FARMER: David Catzel, Glorious Organics

By Cathy Finley David is a farmer at Glorious Organics Co-operative, a cooperatively owned and operated farming collective situated on Fraser Common Farm Co-op in Aldergrove, BC. They sell directly to restaurants, at farmers markets (as the Organic Farm Connection), and through a CSA program. What got you into farming? I was working on a gardening …

Calm and collected cows


Cows Like to go Round & Round   By Ronda Payne For some reason, cows enjoy rotating milkers. No one really knows why, but cows are just more relaxed going round and round. Taking the concept of the rotating milker a step further, a relatively new product has come to …

FARMING is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness (2)

LAUNCHING MODERN AG MAG: A Page from a Farmer’s Handbook

Modern Agriculture Magazine, or Modern Ag Mag as many call it, celebrates its 5th year in 2018. It was begun as a quarterly publication by a small group of young farmers and agriculture students, hungry to share what they were learning with others in the agriculture community. Gurtaj Sandhu was …