Why European Agriculture Developed Faster Than South America’s (Part 5)

Jagmeet Khabra For the rest of the series, click here: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4. Challenges in Domestication Domestication was not without its faults and challenges, though. When humans began to domesticate animals, it was the first time that humans had lived in such close proximity to these animals. When the animals …


Why European Agriculture Developed Faster Than South America’s (Part 4)

Jagmeet Khabra Need to catch up on the rest? Click here: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3. Europe’s Advantages Even though the Fertile Crescent had many advantages over the Andes in South America, it is important to compare it to other Mediterranean zones, as well. For one, Western Eurasia has by far the …

Fields and Farmhouse

Why European Agriculture Developed Faster Than South America’s (Part 3)

Jagmeet Khabra Domestication of Plants and Animals Miss the first two parts? Click here: PART 1 PART 2. Domestication of Plants Diamond claims that malnutrition, starvation, epidemic disease, and class and gender divisions all stem from the ancient peoples’ efforts to domesticate plants. Because many wild flowers cannot be used …


From Field to Fork: Part 2

Tom Baumann In Part One, we explained the importance of having agriculture land and policies in place to actually grow local food. In this second part, we will explore how food is made and what is behind the system that serves us fresh food. There are many buzz words among …


Transferring your business to the next generation: Do you have a plan?

Binny Bhinder, CA Have you thought about transferring your business ownership and management to future generations? If so, you need to consider issues such as timing, retaining control after the transfer and tax consequences. Timing and control are important considerations, as you may want to continue to be involved in …


Agriculture Around the World

Agriculture Around the World What’s the state of agriculture away from our beautiful home of British Columbia? While China and India seem to be flourishing, other regions, such as the Mediterranean and conflict-ridden Ukraine, have seen better days. Let’s summarize some of the most important aspects of agriculture in some …


Famous People in Agriculture

This week, we’re bringing you the famous farmers series. Though these select few are definitely famous, they may not have (actually, they definitely haven’t) brought as much change and progress to the field of agriculture as people such as Norman Borlaug, George Washington Carver, and Fritz Haber, although some of …


Agriculture’s 5 Greatest Heroes

Agriculture, arguably the most important industry in the world, didn’t get to where it is today by luck. Below you’ll read about the achievements of some of the greatest minds in farming and their myriad achievements. Though in no particular order, each of these greats have added something remarkable to …


A Different Perspective: Compact Articulated Wheel Loaders

Compact Articulated Wheel Loaders by: Aapo Skogster Farm tractors and skid steers are popular, readily available and relatively inexpensive machines.  However, these reasons alone may not make them the most effective or profitable machine for every job on the farm. Compact Articulated Wheel Loaders (CAWL) are proving more efficient than …


Something old, something new

Something old, something new by: Stephen Eng, Sessional Instructor at UFV The popular term “sustainable” is widely used to describe agriculture today. Not only is it used to describe agriculture, but we find it used to discuss other aspects of today’s society such as sustainable living, sustainable forest practices, and …