25 Ways to Use Lavender

Lavender is a crop gaining in popularity in BC. The variety of species and uses in a myriad of products are encouraging to growers looking to find markets for the fragrant herb. READ MORE in this article by Ronda Payne, “Stop and Smell the Lavender”. 25 WAYS TO USE LAVENDER Make a …

hello hazelnuts

Hazelnut Futures

How Hazelnut Growers are Saving BC’s Filbert Industry By Ronda Payne It might be said the writing was on the wall for hazelnut growers back in the mid-70s. BC-based growers watched the arrival of Eastern Filbert Blight (EFB) in Washington with more than a passing interest. They saw the disease …

Beyond the everyday lie a few crop options adventurous farmers may want to consider (2)

Eggplants and Truffles in BC

Cultured Crops: Eggplants and Truffles in BC Beyond the everyday, lie a few crop options adventurous farmers may want to consider. One of the great joys of farming is the ability to explore options and grow new things. A dairy farmer may have a patch of land she’s always wanted …

Lecanium Scale on Highbush Blueberry Plant

Lecanium Scale in Highbush Blueberry

Pest Profile By Greg Welfing Pest Profile is a recurring feature in this magazine. Periodically we pick an agricultural pest to feature and learn more about its biology and control methods. Biology Lecanium scales are a group of closely related scale insects. There are multiple species present in Fraser Valley …

Granpa Dome Exterior (2)

From Tank to Table: Granpa Dome Revolutionizes the Factory Farm

Lynda Grace Philippsen After a career in banking, Japanese entrepreneur Takaaki Abe entered a second line of business in his early sixties. He had witnessed firsthand the financial struggles faced by farmers. However, on visits abroad he had visited profitable agricultural enterprises which prompted him to consider fresh options for …


Fly Management on the Farm – Know your Enemy!

In order to effectively manage and control fly pests, it is important to understand the breeding habits and life cycles of the key fly pest species. With this knowledge, you can create a specific “pest fly management” strategy. Adults are attracted to practically all types of organic matter, especially animal …


The Weed to Beat all Weeds: Yellow Nutsedge

It’s ranked among the worst weeds in the world. In fact it has been categorized as the worst weed in the world—nutsedge. It comes in purple and yellow and the only thing that makes having nutsedge less of a problem in the Pacific Northwest is the fact that it’s too …


High Hopes for Rubber Plant: Taraxacum kok-saghyz

Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS) is an important industrial rubber-producing plant that can be grown annually in Canada. TKS has already been proven to be the promising commercial source of natural rubber and inulin. After the rubber supply was cut off from Southeast Asia during World War II, TKS was grown in …


Asparagus, the forgotten crop?

words: Ronda Payne Asparagus, the forgotten crop? A Washington grower touts the benefits of growing a vegetable in demand North Americans apparently aren’t getting all the asparagus they want. This insight into a vegetable in short supply came courtesy of Alan Schreiber of Schreiber & Sons Farm in Eltopia, Washington …

Mouse Melon 1

Of Mice and Melons

words: geoff lewis There are a lot of baby vegetables out there. Some of us laughed at baby corn and cherry tomatoes when we were kids. But then there appeared baby-cut carrots, baby onions, baby beets, baby bok choy, baby cabbages and even baby zucchinis, their flowers still attached like …