Gourmet Barbecue Chicken Burger

Recipe courtesy of Neufeld Farms Market. Read MORE about Neufeld Farms Market Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless) 4 slices Swiss cheese 8 slices garlic cheese artisan bread or 4 brioche buns Stonewall Garlic Aioli (our favourite!) or mayonnaise Lettuce & tomato slices to garnish Sweet & Saucy BBQ Sauce …

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Our Passion, Your Market: Joy of Farming, Joy of Family, Joy of Sharing

By Audrey Neufeld, Neufeld Farms Market For some people, it’s the wind in their hair; for others, it’s the thrill of jumping from a plane; but for Dan and me, pure joy is found in the dirt between our toes. Our family has been blessed to call our land both our …