Cow Positioning Locator

words: Kaitlyn Gisler Nedap has created a way for farmers to keep better track of their cows. Using sensors and a digital map, dairy farmers can now pinpoint the exact location of a specific cow within their barn. Specializing in agricultural innovation for over thirty years, with locations worldwide, Nedap …


Case Study: Donia Farms (Milking Fuel Efficiencies)

One of the ten largest dairy operations in BC, Donia Farms has supplied milk to the province since 1953. With 700 cows to care for, on 800 acres of farmland with 35 machines to maintain, it’s no easy task to keep on top of fuel utilization. During the spring, tractors …


Seeing is believing: Using ultrasounds on the farm

Kaitlin Gisler Dr. Lisa McCrea has been using ultrasounds during her on-farm herd health since she graduated from veterinary school. She brought the technology with her when she made the move to the West Coast in 2007 and became a partner of Agwest Veterinary Group, a large animal practice in …


Research in BC: Preventing Hock Injuries

Housing systems that cause disease or injuries to animals are clearly undesirable. Injury and disease compromise dairy cow welfare and can reduce longevity and production. Lameness, mastitis and transition cow diseases are now widely recognized as serious animal welfare and production issues in the dairy industry. Skin injuries on dairy …


When dairy cows text

Kaitlin Gisler Cows are keeping up with on-farm technology by sending a text message (SMS) to the farmer when they’re close to calving. This means the farmer’s phone contacts have just quadrupled. Medria Elevage Monitoring Solutions, located in France and launched in 2004, has created the Vel’ Phone, which is …


Anaerobic Digesters

Anaerobic Digesters by: Kaitlyn Gisler British Columbia farmers are using their livestock manure and off-farm organic wastes (like your lawn clippings) to produce renewable, clean energy for everyone’s use. This may sound like the idiom ‘making silk out of a sow’s ear,’ and although it’s pretty close, it isn’t the …


A case to point: Needle-free injection systems

Needle-free injection systems by: Kaitlyn Gisler The farmyard and veterinarian’s office will be getting a friendly face-lift for anyone who has a fear of needles. Needle-free (NF) devices, a technology that sounds more futuristic than it actually is, has slowly been infiltrating the Canadian livestock sector. It has been used …


A Farmer’s Story: Dairy Farming in Milner

Dairy Farming in Milner by: Kate Petrusa If you’ve not been before, the hamlet of Milner is a beautiful place. Milner is a small area in the heart of Langley with rolling green hills and large forest groves. The landscape is dotted with multi-coloured barns and a smattering of livestock …