Cow Stall Comfort

A Free-Stall Base Comparison Kaitlyn Gisler Consumers are demanding that the milk they drink is from comfortable and well-cared for cows. Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has launched the proAction initiative in response to concerned consumers. This initiative presents farmers with a means to evaluate their operations and retain control …


Cow Comfort at Calving

Anyone who works in the dairy industry will be aware that there is tremendous variation in maternity pen design. Part of the reason for this variability is a lack of research on what types of environments are best for the cow while she is giving birth. Research at UBC has …

Contented cows

Robot Dairy

Mechanical Milkers: The cream of the crop By Jörg M. Unger There is neither shouting nor calling in the barn. Just one of the waiting cows is mooing and some muted music can be heard from a radio in the distance. Calmness and silence have priority in the cow house. …

The Journey to Organic Dairy Farming

The Path to Organic: One dairy farmer’s transition journey

Julaine Treur Since announcing our plans to transition to organic farming nearly three years ago, my husband and I have heard many assumptions about this type of farming. When talking about our plans, it wasn’t uncommon to hear these types of responses: “The only difference between conventional and organic farming …

Adventures in Switzerland

Adventures in Agriculture: Traversing Through Switzerland

This past fall I booked my plane ticket, shouldered my backpack and jetted off to Europe. My first stop was Switzerland, “a small but very beautiful country,” a Swiss local told me as we landed in Zurich. It truly is. This postcard-perfect region has unmistakeable European flair: from the houses, …


Prospects for Canadian Dairy Sector

Canada is renowned for the quality of its dairy products, and the sector remains an important part of Canadian agriculture, accounting for a third of production by value. High quality dairy genetics mean that there are also significant exports of dairy embryos and semen. High international milk prices and moderating …

Canadian Milk is Made to Measure

Canadian Milk is Made to Measure

Milk in the tank means a well-earned cheque in the bank for Canadian dairy farmers. The value of milk—even the smallest drop—is continually on the increase. New technologies can decipher a wealth of information never available before by sampling a dairy cow’s milk, on farm, the moment it’s taken from …


Needlepoint Science: Bovine Acupuncture

Dr. Steph Rhebergen is a large animal veterinarian with Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic and practicing animal acupuncturist. She has treated small and large animals, and taken additional, acupuncture specific courses to earn her CVA (Certified Veterinarian Acupuncturist). “The Chi Institute in Reddick [Florida] is where I did my training,” says Dr. …


Cow Positioning Locator

words: Kaitlyn Gisler Nedap has created a way for farmers to keep better track of their cows. Using sensors and a digital map, dairy farmers can now pinpoint the exact location of a specific cow within their barn. Specializing in agricultural innovation for over thirty years, with locations worldwide, Nedap …


Case Study: Donia Farms (Milking Fuel Efficiencies)

One of the ten largest dairy operations in BC, Donia Farms has supplied milk to the province since 1953. With 700 cows to care for, on 800 acres of farmland with 35 machines to maintain, it’s no easy task to keep on top of fuel utilization. During the spring, tractors …