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RECIPE for Chevre

Chevre is the common name for fresh spreadable goat cheese. It is just as versatile as any other spreadable cheese and can be blended with herbs, spices or fruit for variety.


  • 4 quarts goat milk
  • ¼ tsp mesophilic culture
  • 1 drop liquid rennet

Sterilize all equipment. In a large stainless steel pot over medium heat, warm milk to 77°F or 25°C, stirring gently to prevent scorching. Remove from heat.

Sprinkle culture over surface of milk and let stand for about 5 minutes to rehydrate. Using skimmer and an up-and-down motion, gently draw culture down into milk without breaking surface of milk.

Dilute rennet in 1 Tbsp (15ml) cool water. Add to milk, and using the same up-and-down motion, draw rennet down into milk until well blended. Cover and let set at room temperature in a draft-free location for approx. 24 hours.

Tip pot slightly to drain off collected whey. Use a skimmer to ladle curd into a draining bag or cloth-lined colander. Let drain for 6 to 7 hours (or overnight) or until desired thickness is reached. Keep in mind that the cheese will firm up further once refrigerated.

Remove cheese from bag and place in bowl. Weigh the cheese, add 1% of the weight in salt.

This cheese will store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

You can mix soft cheese with pepper and form into small balls. Roll balls in crushed sunflower seeds, chopped edible flowers and diced herbs.

Recipe courtesty of Karin Baer of

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