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Sweet Chili Ginger Chicken Recipe

Sweet Chili Ginger Chicken

shared from The Local Harvest Market

recipe image (2)1/4 cup honey
Knob of minced ginger (2 Tbsp.)
1 tsp. crushed chili flakes
1 clove minced garlic
4 chicken breasts
Olive oil

In a large pan heat up about 2 Tbsp. olive oil, add chicken breasts and cook until almost done. Add honey, let simmer for a couple minutes, add ginger, garlic and chili, spoon glaze over chicken as you finish cooking. Remove from pan and pour glaze over chicken. Serve.

Recipe from Mike, a chef at Curly Kale Eatery who prides himself on operating a restaurant that exclusively uses local food ingredients. His restaurant, located in Chilliwack, is open Tuesday – Saturday and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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