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By Ronda Payne When Canada’s legalization of cannabis was set for October 17, 2018, some farmers considered switching to the new green to make a fortune, but is it that easy? Is cannabis the proverbial cash crop? According to experts, demand is currently very high, but there is a shortage …

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Richmond conflicted over farm housing

By Ronda Payne There isn’t much the two groups squaring off about housing on farmland in Richmond can agree to, but one common point is that the issue has caused division between the community’s residents. Laura Gillanders, a co-co-ordinator with Richmond Farmwatch believes the municipality should enforce house size restrictions …

2017 ice storm

SNOW, HAIL, WIND & WATER: We call that winter in BC!

Tom Baumann It seems like just yesterday that I commented on the 2016-2017 winter—a tough one that didn’t want to quit. The winter of 2017-2018 turned out to be quite similar. Maybe the bears are smarter than us after all—they just go and hibernate. Preferably, I’d like to go somewhere …

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Tom Baumann Many complain that the younger generation isn’t going to come forward to run our agriculture operations, either as owners, operators, or as employees and interns, etc. And while I’ve been a member on various committees over the past 35 years, it’s true that grey-haired guys have been the …

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Smoking Hot Season of 2017

Tom Baumann The 2017 Fraser Valley growing season started quite late; there was snow on the ground in patches through April and it didn’t get very warm at all. Then it started to rain and didn’t stop well into June. Along came the start of summer on June 21st and, …

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Connecting with Food: Urban farms bridge gaps

By Marina Gibson Take a deep breath. Don’t rush. What I really love about farming is being outdoors, with the soil, the seeds and the plants. In this moment, I’m indoors in a darkened theatre, about to walk onstage. Looking out at the sea of faces, I wonder how I …

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Next-Gen Farmers

A Look at Sardis Secondary’s Farm Program Tom Baumann I am waiting at the gate under blue skies. The temperature is warm and a strong breeze from the west blows across the trees at the corner. A group of young people in their cars wait, just like me, enjoying the …

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The Slow Ride of Pears

Ronda Payne Not as popular as the apple, but a delightful fruit in its own right, the pear has ardent supporters. Hank Markgraf, Grower Services Manager with BC Tree Fruits will tell you there’s no fast ride to getting new pears into grower fields. Pears aren’t nearly as precocious as …

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Growing Ginger in BC

Getting to the Root of Food Security By Dan Oostenbrink, The Local Harvest Market “Do you sell ginger?” we’ve often been asked. Staying true to our mandate to only provide local food in our market is certainly a challenge and we frequently find ourselves turning down customer requests for the …


Sweet Chili Ginger Chicken Recipe

Sweet Chili Ginger Chicken shared from The Local Harvest Market 1/4 cup honey Knob of minced ginger (2 Tbsp.) 1 tsp. crushed chili flakes 1 clove minced garlic 4 chicken breasts Olive oil In a large pan heat up about 2 Tbsp. olive oil, add chicken breasts and cook until …